With extensive experience in the management and operations of horticultural, environmental and landscaping businesses, Raymond Lee is an industry specialist committed to the industry and the provision of excellence.

Raymond has worked closely with Marriott Support Services for over twenty years within a client capacity having utilised grounds maintenance staff on a number of significant projects and contracts that he has managed. At the same time Raymond strongly advocates inclusion and sustainable workplaces.

Raymond joined Marriott Sudivdivort Services to build a strong and vibrant horticultural business  opportunities for its employees and the community.


With over two decades experience in the turf/horticultural industry, including the golf course industry and horticultural maintenance. Dave has been Operations Manager for Enviro Management Services since 2008.

Dave is committed to delivering quality service, to ensuring the customer requirements are met and in building sound partnerships.

He finds working in a diverse and dynamic organisation like Enviro Management Services to be both challenging and very rewarding.