Enviro Management Services (EMS) offers horticultural, environmental and grounds maintenance for public housing properties, businesses, schools, community-based organisations, government authorities, councils and large private and public companies.

Many customers trust Enviro Management Services (EMS) reliability and consistency in performing the work. In most instances, Enviro Management Services is chosen because of its competitive price; its reputation for service and recommendation by existing customers. EMS integrates people with disability into operational contexts delivering quality service and real employment for people with disability.

The primary value Enviro Management Services delivers to its customers is its regular, reliable and consistent performance. EMS crews always arrive when they are scheduled to, and complete the job in a tidy, friendly and efficient manner. EMS secondary value is its flexibility, proactive philosophy, good communication with customers and ability to undertake extra tasks if and where necessary.


Enviro Management Services is responsible for the provision of quality maintenance activities. We recognise that our success is directly influenced by the quality of our services as perceived by our customers.

We are committed to our customers' expectations for quality, delivery, service and price.

To ensure our success we will continue to make quality the responsibility of everyone. We have developed systems and practices that empower our people to achieve our quality objectives.


The quality objectives of Enviro Management Services are to:

  • Ensure that customers are aware of the services that are offered and the quality standards that they can expect from EMS.
  • Determine the current and future needs and expectations of customers.
  • Ensure that customer needs and expectations are being met in a way that includes reliability and safety.
  • Ensure that all jobs are specified with supervisors and workers in the crews so that they are aware of their responsibilities, authorities and accountabilities.
  • provide training to all our staff according to the needs of their job descriptions and the projects they are working on.
  • deliver accurate accounts and reports to customers and suppliers on time.
  • maintain essential and effective procedure manuals with supervisors.
  • maintain an appropriate quality system to meet these objectives.
  • maintain a culture and environment for continuous improvement that ensures everyone is involved and empowered as appropriate to their job accountabilities.
  • provide workplaces that meet regulations for the health and safety of employees and protection of the environment.
  • ensure that all Enviro Management Services goals and objectives are deployed to all levels of operation and provide a common understanding among all employees.
  • Enviro Management Services retains accreditation in ISO 9001:2000 in quality management and AS4801 OH&S



It is Enviro Management Services policy to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment, free from incidents. Enviro Management Services aim to work towards Zero Harm within the workplace.

To achieve a safe and healthy work environment, we have established comprehensive safety and health programs which are designed to seek out and eliminate hazards. However, this alone does not ensure a successful safety and health performance. The greatest dividends in injury and illness reduction can only be realised through the efforts of managers, supervisors and employees working together to eliminate accidents, injuries and illnesses.

All employees are expected to co-operate fully in implementing the company's health and safety programs, and to see that work performed or supervised is carried out safely and without injury to themselves or other members of Enviro Management Services and the general community.

Risk Management

An effective OHS Risk Management System must clearly identify the health and safety requirements of any organisation. All parties must understand their obligations with respect to legal, contractual and technical aspects of the work to be undertaken. This must be supported by appropriate policies, procedures and work practices which are integrated with the health and safety management system and the day to day business operations.

Enviro Management Services has developed its OHS Management System according to the provisions of Australian Standard AS/NZS 4801:2001 and has AS 9001 quality management and AS 4801 OH&S as independent audit certification